Experts agree: Alcohol should be kept off planes

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Alcohol and air travel have always been a bit of a contentious issue. Many people like to enjoy a drink or two while flying, but this has led to a number of issues over the years. Recently, experts have weighed in on the matter and it seems that the consensus is to keep alcohol off planes.

The reasons for this are multiple. Firstly, air travel can be a stressful experience, and alcohol is a depressant that can exacerbate anxiety and tension. For some passengers, excessive alcohol consumption can even spark incidents of air rage or other disruptive behavior. In addition, the dehydrating effects of alcohol can make it more difficult to adjust to the changes in pressure and altitude that come with air travel.

Furthermore, the confined space of an airplane cabin can make it difficult for crew members to monitor the amount of alcohol being consumed by passengers. This can lead to over-serving, which can exacerbate the aforementioned issues, as well as other problems. For example, someone who has had too much to drink might become too intoxicated to safely evacuate the aircraft in case of an emergency, putting themselves and others in danger.

Some airlines have already taken steps to address this issue. One such measure is to limit the amount of alcohol that passengers can consume on board, only allowing one or two drinks per person. Other airlines have even gone so far as to ban alcohol on certain flights or routes altogether.

This issue also extends beyond the confines of the aircraft itself. Many airports have bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and passengers can still become quite intoxicated before boarding their flight. This can lead to issues once on board, particularly if the individual has difficulty controlling their behavior.

In conclusion, the consensus among experts is that alcohol should be kept off planes. Given the stress and anxiety that can often accompany air travel, as well as the potential for disruptive behavior, it is important that airlines prioritize the safety and comfort of their passengers. While some airlines have already implemented measures to address this issue, more could be done to promote responsible consumption of alcohol in airports and beyond. By doing so, we can make air travel a more pleasant, safe, and enjoyable experience for all.


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